Key initiatives include:

Health Passport
ACT healthcare consumers helped to develop this resource package to assist people with disabilities and their family or carers to work alongside healthcare workers. The package has been designed to be downloaded, printed and used flexibly and cheaply by health care consumers according to their particular needs.
Imagining Better (ACTCOSS Health Project)
The peak body of the community sector, the ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS) was funded by the ACT Government to undertake a project on the health related experiences of people with disability.
Comprehensive Health Assessment Program (CHAP) tool
This tool is designed to prompt a comprehensive health assessment for adults with intellectual disability, through a two-part questionnaire requiring collaboration between the person with intellectual disability, their supporter(s) and their GP.
Capital Health Network is collaborating with the ACT Government to develop of a disability-focused "HealthPathway" to improve access to relevant information, enabling Canberra health professionals to better meet the needs of patients with disability.
Community Assistance and Support Program (CASP)
The Community Assistance and Support Program (CASP) supports you and your carer with daily living activities you may find difficult due to a health issue that comes and goes or is short-term.
Rehabilitation, Aged and Community Care Services
Rehabilitation, Aged and Community Services provides integrated and effective services for rehabilitation, aged care and community care throughout the ACT, including healthcare and support for people with acute, post-acute and long-term illnesses.
Child Development Service
The Child Development Service offers assessment, referral, information and linkages for children 0-6 years where there are concerns relating to their development.
The “Health and dental” section of the ACT Government Assistance Saving Finder includes information about some relevant services including schemes for equipment loans, low vision aids, community care, dental health and interstate patient travel assistance
Inclusive sport and fitness
The development of inclusive practices in sport and recreation provide individuals, organisations and the community with a number of benefits including higher levels of independence, greater social cohesion and overall enrichment of our community.
The Future Is Inclusive podcast
The Future Is Inclusive is a new, locally produced ten-part podcast that explores the experiences of people with disability, their families and allies, including in episode 7: "Access to health"

Interesting resources - from the ACT and elsewhere:

ACT organisation Health Care Consumers Association (HCCA) has produced and collected a range of useful Health Literacy Resources for Consumers.

For resources on Advance Health Care Planning see the HCCA website and the Be My Voice website.

ADACAS assisted HCCA to develop an Advance Care Planning workbook for people with intellectual disability.

Local advocacy, information and peer support organisation People With Disabilities ACT collaborated with the ACT Human Rights Commission to produce some useful resources for When things go wrong in health services.

People With Disabilities ACT has also produced these resources on Using Medicare for People with Disabilities, listing relevant items in the Medicare Benefits Scheme.

Council on Intellectual Disability (CID) based in NSW has recently updated their health fact sheets for people who support people with intellectual disability – such as family members, health professionals, advocates, support people, and disability workers.

Resources for Health Services and Professionals