Comprehensive Health Assessment Program (CHAP) tool

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The Comprehensive Health Assesment Program (CHAP) tool is designed to help minimise the barriers to healthcare for people with intellectual disability by prompting health care and screening.  Developed at The University of Queensland by Professor Nick Lennox of the Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability, the program is used in Australia by various state governments, non-government organisations, and in other countries.

The CHAP tool is a two-part questionnaire designed to prompt a comprehensive health assessment for adults with intellectual disability. The first part of the questionnaire creates a comprehensive health history and is completed by a person with intellectual disability, their families and carers. The second part of the questionnaire prompts a General Practitioner (GP) to consider commonly missed, poorly managed or syndrome specific health conditions and perform a review of the person’s health.

By prompting a comprehensive health assessment for adults with intellectual disability, this tool can assist doctors make better diagnoses, provide appropriate treatment and ultimately ensure an overall better health. The CHAP tool requires collaboration between the person with the intellectual disability, their supporter(s) and their GP.


In 2019, the ACT Office for Disability purchased 100 CHAP tool licenses for use in the ACT. If you would like to use the tool, you can download the PDF (24 pages). 


Further information 

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