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A Public Health Emergency exists in the ACT as a response to the current

COVID-19 health emergency


Comprehensive information for all matters related to COVID-19, including the latest news from the ACT Health Directorate including a list of ACT exposure sites, please

visit the ACT Government COVID-19 website


A range of ACT and Australian Government COVID-19 resources and information, including vaccination rollout information is available on our COVID-19 page


The ACT Government has developed a COVID-19 Disability Strategy to ensure that people with disability, their families, carers and the disability sector are supported through the COVID-19 health emergency and during the post-emergency transition. Further information can be found on our COVID-19 Disability Strategy page, including information about an Action Plan outlining the measures and supports that are available to people with disability and their supporters


The INVOLVED website puts you in touch with activities happening to create a more inclusive community for all people. 


On this website you can find out more about Inclusive and accessible communities; Rights protection, justice and legislation; Housing; Personal and community support; Learning and skills; Health and wellbeing; Employment and volunteering; and Transport


In the What's On section, read the latest News and learn about or submit events focused on disability inclusion, happening in the Canberra region. 


In the Our Foundations section, find out more about how the ACT Government Office for Disability and allies across government, business and community are supporting inclusion to happen.  



Given the impacts of the COVID-19 Health Emergency, the 2021 Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards was unable to be held.

However, we are doing something different to celebrate the inclusion, support and engagement of people with disability over the last year.

We have commenced the release of a series of videos, each with a specific theme  which align with Inclusion Awards categories and highlight great examples of progress make toward better inclusion in our community.

The videos focus on celebrating the good and positive stories which have emerged since the beginning of the COVID-19 Health Emergency. Celebrating inclusion in our community rather than awarding individuals and organisations.

The Chief Minister’s message and the Inclusion and Employment video were released on I-Day and the Inclusion in Housing and Inclusion in Government Health Services videos have also been released. Upcoming videos include Inclusion in Business, Inclusion by disability providers and support workers as well as a video highlighting Canberra justice organisations who are working to ensure their services are inclusive and accessible so people with disability hae equal access to justice.  A tribute to the late Sue Salthouse will also be released in late January 2022.


To celebrate and acknowledge the individuals, organisations and businesses nominated in 2021, a series of social media posts has commenced via Involved FaceBook.

The posts highlight the outstanding achievements of people who were nominated earlier this year and their stories are also availble here on the Involved website.

We hope you enjoy these stories of inclusion happening across Canberra.