Key initiatives include:

Everyone Everyday
Everyone Everyday aims to positively influence attitudes and behaviours within the community by raising awareness about disability amongst ACT school students.
Leadership development
The ACT Government is supporting the next generation of disability leaders through a range of programs and scholarships to equip them with the skills they need for the future.
Special Needs Transport for Students
Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, students with disability may be eligible for transport to ACT Public Schools.
Future of Education Strategy
The ACT Government has developed The Future of Education Strategy that will guide our education system over the next ten years, underpinned by principles of Equity, Student Agency, Access and Inclusion.
Inclusive sport and fitness
The development of inclusive practices in sport and recreation provide individuals, organisations and the community with a number of benefits including higher levels of independence, greater social cohesion and overall enrichment of our community.
Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards (CMIAs)
The CMIAs provide acknowledgement of the outstanding achievements of businesses, organisations and individuals who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in inclusion and access. There is an award for Inclusion in Education and Training.
The Future Is Inclusive podcast
The Future Is Inclusive is a new, locally produced ten-part podcast that explores the experiences of people with disability, their families and allies, including in episode 6: "Inclusive classrooms benefit everyone"

Interesting resources - from the ACT and elsewhere:

Communication Rights Australia: Teacher’s Toolkit