Community Assistance and Support Program (CASP)

The Community Assistance and Support Program (CASP) supports you and your carer with daily living activities you may find difficult due to a health issue that comes and goes or is short-term.

CASP offers a range of support services that include domestic assistance, food services, linen service, personal care, community participation and social support, counselling support, information and advocacy, carer support, minor home maintenance and transport.

These services can help you stay well and where possible, prevent you from suffering a decline in your health. If you do need hospital admittance, these services can help you return home safely after your stay.

You can find a list of services and provider details in the CASP Service Directory. Please contact them directly to confirm your eligibility, discuss your needs and have an assessment. There may be a waiting time before you can use services or before services start. Some fees may apply.

To be eligible for CASP, you must be under 65 years and experience the following:

  • an illness that comes and goes
  • short-term health or mental health requirements
  • a need for post-hospital care and support, or assistance with hospital outpatient visits
  • a disability that’s not of a ‘significant and permanent’ nature (as required for NDIS eligibility)
  • a combination of any of the characteristics above

Unpaid carers and family members of people who experience these conditions are also eligible for CASP.

Current NDIS clients may be eligible for CASP if you require additional support for a temporary health issue such as recovery from surgery.

Please note: you cannot access home and community care support services from another government program while receiving CASP services.


Further information

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