Key initiatives include:

Having a Home Forum
The Office for Disability hosted the Having a Home forum in November 2018 to start a conversation about housing options for people with disability in the ACT. This was followed up by the 2019 Having a Home Forum which provided information about how to plan for having a home.
Housing options in Canberra
The ACT Government is committed to working with the community and people with disability to grow and develop innovative options to improve affordability and security of housing, across all forms of tenure for people with disability in the ACT.
How do I find a home?
There are a number of websites that list disability housing opportunities. There may also be different values and priorities that guide your planning and search for a home.
Assistive technology, equipment and home modifications
Assistive technology, equipment and modifications can enable you to live independently and be involved in your community and work place.
Livable Housing Design Guidelines
Developed by industry and the community, the Livable Housing Guidelines provide assurance that a home is easier to access, navigate and live in, as well as more cost effective to adapt when life’s circumstances change. People with a disability and their families benefit from Livable Homes that enable them to take advantage of better housing choices and gives them the opportunity to visit the homes of friends and relatives.
ACT Inclusion Council
The ACT Inclusion Council is a Canberra group of business, government and community leaders that work in partnership with the community to develop initiatives that value and engage people with disability as customers, suppliers, employees and employers in business.
The "Housing, rates and utilities" section of the ACT Government Assistance Saving Finder includes information about: Disability Duty Concession Scheme, Special Disability Trust Duty Exemption, Housing Assistance, Affordable Rent Scheme (for older people), Rental Bond Help, Utilities Concession and other available supports and schemes.
ACT Housing Strategy
The ACT Housing Strategy will encourage and promote a housing market that meets the diverse and changing needs of the Canberra community, and enables a sustainable supply of housing for individuals and families at all income levels. The Homes and Housing website brings together all government policy, information, advice and support related to housing into one place.

Interesting resources - from the ACT and elsewhere:

ACT Government resources and information

For independent advice or assistance to resolve problems with tenancy see pages on Advocacy, Information and Peer Support, the Socio-Legal Practice Clinic and Housing Law at Canberra Community Law, the Tenants' Advice Service or Legal Aid ACT.