WE MAKE INCLUSION HAPPEN by collaborating with the health sector to support effective communication and pathways in health care for people with disabilities. 


HealthPathways offers clinicians locally agreed information to make the right decisions together with patients, at the point of care.The pathways are designed primarily for general practice teams, but are also available to specialists, allied health professionals, and other health professionals in your region.

HealthPathways is an online tool currently used by a wide range of health professionals in the ACT that provides localised information on the clinical, assessment, management and referral options in a range of clinical areas. Currently, there are over 500 HealthPathways localised to the ACT and Southern NSW regions, with over 7,000 users and an average of 12,000 pageviews per month.

Capital Health Network (CHN), with assistance from the ACT Office for Disability and ACT Health are developing a disability focused HealthPathway to assist health professionals access relavant information and meet the needs of patients with disability. 

Due to CHN's engagement with health professionals within the ACT, the HealthPathways program is well placed to facilitate opportunities for further collaboration in, effective communication and pathway considerations in health care for people with disabilities.

It is anticipated that the incorporation of this information into HealthPathways, through consultation with a wider audience than the health professional sector, will empower, health professionals and people with disabilities to equitably communicate and determine appropriate healthcare arrangements.


Further information 

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