Rebecca Jefferys - Finalist for the 2019 Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards

Sun 1 Dec 2019

Rebecca Jefferys - Finalist for the 2019 Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards

Rebecca Jefferys is a finalist for the Inclusion in Education and Training award at the 2019 Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards!

Rebecca Jefferys is an experienced lead teacher in the primary school setting who is dedicated to changing attitudes and behaviours towards disability and inclusion.  Currently teaching at Burgmann Anglican School, she works well with her peers and models pedagogy that supports her co-workers to adopt inclusive teaching practices. She caters for all levels of ability within her teaching program and creates a welcoming classroom environment where everyone has a valued role and can contribute.

Rebecca sets high expectations to challenge each student, regardless of ability, and ensures the appropriate support is provided to assist students, and their teachers, to reach these expectations. She also acknowledges that parents have the right to know their child is being given the same opportunities as all other students in the school, without bias or blockers, and is a frequent initiator of parent communication.

Rebecca values social and emotional learning that supports the development of social management and social awareness skills, and explicitly teaches concepts relating to disability and inclusion to her class. She regularly volunteers her time to co-facilitate a comprehensive professional learning course for the Public, Catholic and Independent education sectors through the Everyone Everyday initiative.