Everyone Everyday

The national award winning Everyone Everyday program was developed by the ACT Community Services Directorate after extensive consultation with the Canberra community and the education sector. It is a comprehensive social and emotional learning program that targets mainstream primary schools, and focuses on the concept of ‘inclusion’. It is based on the assumption that ‘inclusion’ needs to be explicitly taught if we are to move from a situation in which children with disability are simply present in mainstream schools, to one in which they are welcomed, valued and enjoy full membership of the school community.

Everyone Everyday aims to create a cultural shift in community attitudes towards disability and difference. Students participating in the program gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to take personal and collective action to enhance the inclusion of people with disability, especially children, in everyday life. The underlying principle is we all benefit when the environments in which we work, live and play are inclusive; and that we all have a role to play in creating inclusive communities. 




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