Every student can contribute | Online, on-demand workshop

Every student can contribute | Online, on-demand workshop
Thu 30 May 2024 - Sun 23 Jun 2024 Online and on-demand; watch at a time that suits you Inclusive and accessible communities
Learning and skills
Employment and volunteering
Discover the employment potential of students with disability

- An on-demand replay of a 90-minute workshop by Milton Tyree
- Relevant to career advisors, educators, families, and others interested in pioneering career guidance practices that inclusively cater to students with disability.
- Available until 5:00 pm on Sunday, 23 June 2024.
- This is a free event.

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, the transition from school to work represents a significant milestone for all students, particularly those with disability. This workshop aims to bridge the gap between traditional career pathways and the innovative approach of Customised Employment, ensuring that every student’s potential is fully realised and valued in the workforce.

Every student can contribute is a workshop tailored for career advisors and educators, but it will also be relevant to families of secondary school students with disability.

Learn more on the Imagine More website.

Accredited program TQI 2024
This workshop is TQI accredited for up to two hours of professional learning for educators in the Australian Capital Territory.
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