Once funky, always funky - Online, on-demand workshop

Once funky, always funky - Online, on-demand workshop
Thu 30 May 2024 - Sun 23 Jun 2024 Online and on-demand - watch at any time. Inclusive and accessible communities
Personal and community support
Employment and volunteering
If you’re interested in helping people with disability work find meaningful employment, watch this essential workshop about creating and supporting inclusive workplace environments.

- An on-demand replay of a one-day workshop by Milton Tyree
- Relevant to families and others interested in fostering inclusive employment.
- Available until 5:00 pm on Sunday, 23 June 2024.
- This is a free event.

Workshop overview

This workshop, presented by Customised Employment consultant Milton Tyree, emphasises the critical nature of first impressions and the inclusion of employees with disability as regular, valued members of the workforce.

In the workshop, Milton explores practical strategies to

- ensure that job setup, instruction, and ongoing support align with typical workplace norms
- avoid the pitfalls of the ‘funky’ dynamic when there is a mismatch between the employee’s skills and interests and the task requirements,
- ensure employees are seen as valuable team members rather than Human Services clients.

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