Future of Education Strategy

In February 2017, the ACT Government embarked on a community-led conversation to develop a strategy for the future of education for the next ten years. This conversation took place over 16 months, with input from over 5,000 people. Guided by this conversation, and informed by peer-reviewed research, the ACT Government has developed The Future of Education Strategy that will guide our education system over the next ten years.

The Foundations for the Future of Education 

The foundations of the strategy are to:

  • place students at the centre of their learning
  • empower teachers, school leaders and other professionals to meet the learning needs of all students
  • build strong communities for learning
  • strengthen systems to focus on equity with quality

Principles for Implementing the Strategy 

The principles are: 

  • Equity 
  • Student Agency
  • Access
  • Inclusion

Advocacy, information and peer support organisations Carers ACT and Imagine More participated in the Future of Education consultation. 


Further Information 

Future of Education Consultation Report, Research Report and other resources

Future of Education Strategy

Future of Education Implementation Plan

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