ACT Human Rights Commission

Wed 3 Jun 2020

ACT Human Rights Commission

Complaints about abuse, neglect or exploitation of vulnerable Canberrans

Complaints about abuse, neglect or exploitation of a vulnerable person can be made to the ACT Human Rights Commission.

Complaints can also be made if you think a vulnerable person is at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

A vulnerable person is

  • a person older than 60 who has a disability or impairment or for some reason is socially isolated or unable to participate in community life.
  • any adult with a disability (defined in the Disability Services Act 1991) which includes an intellectual, physical, sensory or psychiatric impairment.

A complaint can be made by the vulnerable person, a carer, friend, family member, service provider or other person concerned about the vulnerable person.

A complaint can be made about any person or service provider who is putting the vulnerable person at risk of, or causing the vulnerable person abuse, neglect or exploitation.

You can call for information and to discuss options for addressing your concerns or you can make a complaint.

Where its appropriate, the ACT Human Rights Commission will get the consent of the vulnerable person to deal with the concerns raised about them.

In some cases they might deal with the complaint as a systemic matter where it raises concerns that a service provider or an organisations practices are contributing to abuse, neglect or exploitation of vulnerable people.

You can fill in a complaint form or you can contact.

We can handle claims of abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable people

Vulnerable people are protected in the ACT from neglect, abuse or exploitation.

Anyone who has reasonable grounds to believe that an adult with disability or older adult is subject to, or at risk of, abuse, neglect or exploitation can make an enquiry or report to the Commission.

  • Complaints or concerns can be anonymous.
  • People who complain to us have protections under the law.
  • Complaints can be made to the Commission by phone, email or online.

There are many ways the Commission responds to enquiries and complaints

The Commission provides Information: The Commission can talk through options for trying to resolve the concerns informally, provide information and referral options to the person raising their concern. This might include referral to advocacy services or legal advice, the Public Advocate, or helping you liaise with service providers. The Commission will try where they can to resolve the matter quickly & informally.

Investigate & Resolve the complaint or Report: The Commission may investigate the issues raised and try to resolve the complaint through conciliation, or where they cannot resolve a complaint they might publish a report and make recommendations to improve service provision.  The Human Rights Commission intentions is always to improve the safety of the adult and uphold rights.

Depending on the nature of the concern or issue raised the Commission may share information, or part of it, to another agency or service like the ACT Ombudsmanthe Aged Care Quality & Safety Commissionthe Senior Practitioner or the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

You can fill in a complaint form or you can contact the commission.