Advice for people with disability - COVID-19

Thu 11 Jun 2020

Advice for people with disability - COVID-19

The Australian Government Department of Health’s website explains how people with disability can protect themselves from COVID-19 and provides a range of adice regarding COVID-19:

COVID-19 advice for people with disability

The advice includes how you can protect yourself through good hygiene, physical distancing, avoiding public gatherings, isolating if sick, and finding safe and alternative ways to get the services you need.

The following fact sheets havebeen published on the Department of Health’s website on the Advice for People with Disability page:

For families

  • Information for Families of a person with intellectual or developmental disability during the COVID-19 health emergency


For support workers and carers


For health professionals supporting people with disability


For home care providers


A series of Auslan videos on the COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan for People with Disability has also been uploaded to the front page of their YouTube channel


The Department of Health has also shared the content on their social media channels including:

Facebook Easy Read COVID-19 information

Facebook COVID-19 Disability Information Helpline