Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) centralised booking service


In December 2012, Canberra wheelchair users started using a new system for ordering a wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT).

Local taxi companies are no longer taking wheelchair bookings and all bookings for WAT vehicles are made using a new booking number. The calls are handled by dedicated operators working in a call centre in Orange, NSW. The call centre handles bookings for over twenty taxi fleets and the staff are very familiar with handling customers with special needs.

All wheelchair taxis operating on a restricted wheelchair licence have been fitted with SmartMove terminals. The SmartMove taxi dispatching system is Australia's most advanced dispatching system. It enables vehicles to be tracked in real-time and it provides a very high level of traceability for investigating complaints and other issues.

The administration of the service is being handled by EBA Solutions. They are based in Canberra and are responsible for handling issues not directly related to bookings.


Further information

13WATS website

Bookings: bookings@13wats.com.au or call 139 287

Contact: contact@13wats.com.au or call (02) 6280 4123