Community bus services

There are community bus services funded by the ACT Government and operated by the ACT’s Regional Community Services:

They provide flexible bus services for ACT residents, Monday to Friday, generally within their own regional area. Pickup and set down points can be negotiated when making a booking.

The community bus service is for people who are socially isolated because they lack transport options. Some of the people who may be eligible to use the service include:

  • Seniors with mobility or confidence problems
  • People living in nursing homes/retirement facilities
  • People with a permanent or temporary disability
  • People with health problems who cannot use regular Transport Canberra bus services
  • People who are eligible for HACC transport but cannot access them for various reasons e.g. cannot self transfer
  • Carers accompanying a person described above
  • Parents with young children who are socially isolated and lack transport options
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who lack support networks and have limited transport options. 

Contact your Regional Community Service for an assessment and to register to use this service. They can provide you with details on how to make a booking, any associated costs and answer any further questions you may have.


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Community bus services