Disability Confidence Canberra

Disability Confidence Canberra was developed as an initiative to provide information and tools to organisations, groups, businesses and employers who want to be more inclusive and accessible for people who are ageing or have disability.

It was a joint project with the ACT Inclusion Council, ACT Government and Eric Martin and Associates.

The following documents aim to increase your disability awareness and outline practical steps to promote better opportunities for people with disability in the ACT.


Information Handbook - provides information about including customers and employees who are ageing or have a disability in the Australian Capital Territory; practical tips and checklists; a general guide to information about legal requirements and standards as well as contacts and resources. Click here to download the Information Handbook.

Manual and Checklist - This manual is intended to provide technical guidance to businesses and agencies who want to take Disability Confidence Canberra further. It describes what access means and contains a list of tasks and a checklist to self assess and build confident access in your organisation for people with disability. Click here to download the Manual and Checklist.


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Disability Confidence Canberra