Postponed - Towards a Better Life

Postponed - Towards a Better Life
Thu 2 Apr 2020 - Fri 3 Apr 2020 Hedley Beare Centre for teaching and learning, 51 Fremantle drive, Stirling Personal and community support
This 2 day event is for anyone who is serious about improving the lives of marginalised and disadvantaged people such as people with a mental illness, people with disabilities, frail aged and people experiencing poverty or homelessness.
How many people: Not more than 40 people
Food: Lunch and morning and afternoon tea will be provided
Cost: $85 - $150

This workshop explores why it is that some groups in our society are more likely to experience marginalisation and stigma, and the impact that this has on people with disabilities, aged people and other marginalised people. The workshop also examines how the acquisition of valued roles can contribute to changed societal perceptions and strengthen the likelihood that people with a devalued status will get a better life. The core themes and principles of SRV will be explored through presentations, exercises and discussion.

This event is designed to assist participants to:
• Understand social devaluation and its consequences,
• Learn about Social Role Valorisation as a means of addressing experiences of devaluation,
• Strengthen ones’ motivation to counteract devaluation,
• Clarify the qualities of the good things in life and how they might be facilitated,
• Understand the importance of valued social roles and how to develop roles that lead to authentic inclusion in one’s community.
You will also hear some “real life” stories from people who were inspired by this workshop and how they have changed the course of their life! This workshop will use a combination of lecture, interactive exercises, reflection and discussion!
Don't miss this foundational training if you are serious about seeking the good things of life for a person with disability.
Presenter: John Armstrong

Funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency
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