Expressions of Interest sought for the Canberra Community Law Disability Advisory Group

Expressions of Interest sought for the  Canberra Community Law Disability Advisory Group
Mon 6 Nov 2023 online Rights protection, justice and legislation
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About Canberra Community Law
Canberra Community Law (CCL) is an independent community legal centre. CCL gives free legal help to people in the ACT who are on low incomes and facing other barriers. We specialise in public housing, Centrelink, disability rights, race discrimination and homelessness law. CCL’s work includes delivering Community Legal Education to help people understand their rights and navigate legal systems. For more information about CCL, visit our website.

Recently, CCL has completed a review of how disability-lived experience advice shapes our work. People with disability inform our work in multiple ways. However, we identified that focused, time-limited advisory groups may enhance our resources and activities.

The advisory group and advisors
We are currently seeking people to participate in a time-limited advisory group to work with a CCL lawyer to develop Community Legal Education for people with disability and service providers. The group will comprise of six people. The small group
size provides time and space for all group members to contribute their ideas.

CCL will select group members according to the following criteria/principles:
• Group members must be people with disability
• Group members must be interested in
providing advice
• The group will reflect a diversity of gender, age,
cultural background, housing arrangements and
disability (broadly defined).
About the advisor role
Advisors do not need any prior knowledge of
community legal education or the work of Canberra
Community Law. Advisors need to be willing to:
• Attend two half-day workshops to learn about CCL,
the advisory group’s purpose, the advisor role and
meet your fellow advisors. The first workshop will be
on Friday, 1 December 2023
• Attend four advisory group meetings
• Review meeting materials before the meeting and
undertake minor tasks that result from meeting
discussions (such as forwarding contact information
or a resource to meeting members)

CCL will provide advisors with
• Two half-day workshops to orientate you and
prepare you for the advisor role
• Payment for your participation

How to apply
please respond to the following questions in writing, audio,
or video. If it is easier, we can arrange a time to ask you these questions and record your response.

• Tell us a bit about yourself.
• Why do you want to be part of this group?
• What do you hope to contribute to the
group discussions?
• How do you take care of yourself when
providing advice?
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