School to Work Webinar: Imagining Work

School to Work Webinar: Imagining Work
Thu 25 Feb 2021, 12:30pm - 1:30pm Online Learning and skills
Employment and volunteering
A School To Work Webinar for Students in Years 7 and 8

Many people assume that a student with disability will struggle to find work in Open Employment. Yet, with the right supports, young Australians with disability are taking their rightful place in the workforce. They earn a living, contribute positively to their workplace, and acquire skills for future employment.

When your son or daughter with disability is in Year 7 or 8, it might feel much too early to be thinking about their future employment and career. But the high school years fly past in the blink of an eye! The sooner that students and their families start exploring their options and planning for work, the better.

In this introductory webinar, we’ll help you and your student to do this planning. Join us during lunch for 60 minutes of learning and discussion.

A replay of the event will be made available to people who registered.

This is a free event.
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