Inclusive Education Peer Group

Inclusive Education Peer Group
Tue 18 Aug 2020, 12:30pm - 1:45pm Online Personal and community support
Learning and skills
You are invited to join the Imagine More peer support groups. It doesn’t matter if you are very new to the journey or a seasoned traveller, we can all learn something from others, and give and receive support. You are welcome to join as many peer support groups as you wish.

In this time of COVID-19, all Imagine More peer support groups are being held virtually on the Zoom platform.
Sometimes Imagine there will be guest speakers, sometimes we will talk as a group.

You can choose whether or not to appear on camera or whether to speak. You are welcome just to listen until you are ready to share.

Inclusive education can sometimes be an isolating journey when families are advocating for physical, social and academic inclusion in schools. Join Imagine mores' virtual sessions over lunch to hear from guest speakers and peers, and feel supported.

Imagine Mores believes Inclusive education happens when all kids with disability are physically present in the same classroom, in the same playground, at the same time as all kids in the school community.

Inclusive education is doing the same topic, at the same curriculum level with same aged peers without disability, that is modified for your child to access and participate.

Inclusive education is being socially connected, therefore in the same social environments as everybody else.

The upcoming topic is social connection: How to get kids socially connected in schools.

Meetings will be facilitated by Erosha Bakmiwewa, Michelle Stuckey and Jan Kruger and are free to attend, thanks to NDIA funding

You will receive an email reminder and Zoom link a few days before each session. Please RSVP so that Imagine More know you’ll be joining each month. The size of the group makes a difference to how it is facilitated.

Guest speakers may be recorded: participant discussion will not be recorded

There will not be a replay of the meeting. Sometimes a guest speaker’s presentation will be made available to watch on our website, but only if it meets Imagine mores' strict privacy criteria

If you have any questions about the Peer Group meetings, please contact Michelle at
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