ThinkPlace - Finalist for the 2019 Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards

Mon 18 Nov 2019

ThinkPlace - Finalist for the 2019 Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards

ThinkPlace is a finalist for the Inclusion in Business award at the 2019 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards!

ThinkPlace provides consultancy services to the private and public sector to support system, organisational, policy and digital change and design. ThinkPlace have embedded the guiding principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals into the work they do with their clients and how they operate as a business.

Locally in Canberra, ThinkPlace have demonstrated how big ideas and goals can be practically implemented. In 2018 Think Place formed an employment pathways partnership with Black Mountain School.

Every Thursday, students attend work experience at ThinkPlace. The students are given a range of responsibilities that are necessary for the operation and functioning of the ThinkPlace office. In addition, ThinkPlace have employed students and ex-students from Black Mountain School, along with other people with disability.

Staff at ThinkPlace are proactive in ensuring their work environment is as welcoming as possible and a place where students can achieve their best. The commitment of ThinkPlace to inclusion and the promotion of human rights is an example of what is possible in the Canberra private business sector.