A Better COVID Legacy - Survey

Mon 24 May 2021

A Better COVID Legacy - Survey

Women with Disabilities ACT (WWDACT) is conducting a community consultation project to understand the unique barriers COVID-19 presented and continues to present for women, girls, feminine identifying and non-binary people (women*) with disability in the ACT. A cornerstone of this project is a Creating a Better COVID-19 Legacy survey.

This survey explores COVID-19 with a gendered lens to shed light on issues overlooked or understated by studies of broader disability experiences.

The survey attempts to capture the immense diversity of women* with disability, and properly understand how this diversity has shaped personal experiences of COVID-19.

The survey will help WWDACT assess how pandemic responses catered for women* with disability. This information will be used to identify actions that can be implemented systemically to address the needs and rights of women* with disability in COVID-19 responses and recovery plans.