(In)visible: Belonging

Fri 4 Dec 2020

(In)visible: Belonging

An online exhibition of d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HOH) and artists with disabilty

3 December 2020 – 31 January 2021

Belco Arts want to promote dialogue about the presence of disability in our lives and create positive alternatives to the widespread negative perceptions of what it means to live with disability.

Belco Artsconsider disability to be a multi-layered experience; many people in the community have found themselves ‘socially, culturally and politically isolated, ignored, invisible and silent’ (Shout Out Report, 2009).

This exhibition aims to create a sense of shared identity and belonging and give disability a positive, vibrant and visible presence.

Artists from throughout Australia who identify as a person with disability, d/Deaf, HOH, chronically ill, neurodiverse or who have lived experience of mental health issues have considered what disability means to them as individuals and as a community in their works for (In)Visible: Belonging.