NDIS 2020-21 Price Guide

Wed 3 Jun 2020

NDIS 2020-21 Price Guide

The NDIA has released the NDIS 2020-21 Price Guide and Support Catalogue, which includes detail on the new supported employment price rate effective 1 July 2020. The Price Guide will be updated in mid-June to reflect the 2020-21 Fair Work Commission (FWC) decision on minimum wage rates. 

The Price Guide identifies a basic weekday hourly rate for provision of Specialised Supported Employment of $58.14. Additional hourly rates are included for weekday evenings, weekends and public holidays. The Supported Employment hourly rates align with the Group and Centre Based Activity rates in the Price Guide. Price limits remain subject to the temporary COVID-19 loading. Additionally, providers have access to the Temporary Transformation Payment (the rates have been included).

It is important to note the NDIA has departed from the proposed ratio methodology outlined in the Supported Employment Industry consultations. Previously it was proposed that a ratio model of up to 1:7 could be applied. Of great concern is that no upper limit is articulated in the new arrangements. The Price Guide states: "Where a support item is delivered to a group of participants the provider should claim for the relevant fraction of the time of the support from each participant’s plan". NDS has sought further detail from the NDIA on the practical application of this method.

The support category "Capacity Building - Finding and Keeping a Job" identifies the rates that can be claimed for:

  • Non-Face-to-Face Support Provision
  • Provider Travel
  • Short Notice Cancellations
  • NDIA Requested Reports

Provider Travel Non-Labour Costs can also be claimed. For Specialised Supported Employment, providers can claim Activity Based Transport and Capital Costs where support is provided in a centre based setting.

Transitional pricing arrangements for Supported Employment based on the DMI levels and Average Outlet Cost rates will remain in place for 18 months.   

An Establishment fee of $528.50 is available for new employees. This is a one off payment.

A handbook providing specific details on the pricing arrangements will be released by the NDIA in the coming weeks. This will be followed up by a series of teleconferences from 15 June.

School Leaver Employment Supports continue to be available with little change. As in previous years the amount has not been specified.

NDS will continue to liaise closely with the NDIA and keep members informed of developments as they arise.

  Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Kerrie Langford, Head of Employment and Workforce Innovation, 02 9256 3173, kerrie.langford@nds.org.au