Jake Naylor wins at the 2019 Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards

Fri 6 Dec 2019

Jake Naylor wins at the 2019 Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards

Jake Naylor won the Inclusion in Education and Training award at the 2019 Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards!

This award recognises an educational and training organisation or individual either within the private sector or government funded that has provided exceptional or innovative educational or training opportunities for people with disability.

Jake is a physical education (PE) teacher and a volunteer inclusion mentor for schools and sporting organisations. Jake has increased opportunities for indigenous students with a disability by developing cultural programs and facilitating NADIOC themed events. As a Special Olympic coach, Jake has supported athletes to achieve on the world stage. Jake’s international influence continues through implementation of his inclusive curriculum programs into several schools across the Asia/Pacific region.

In early 2019, Jake was selected by the Education Directorate to support staff with advice on policy and practice in PE. Jake is currently developing inclusive PE curriculum and opportunities for all schools, including inclusive sports workshops to celebrate the International Day for People with Disability. Jake is also currently developing Paralympic sports curriculum for schools and interactive workshops for teachers and students.

His initiatives foster meaningful relationships, increase acceptance and diminishing discrimination. The judges commend Jake on his longstanding commitment to inclusion of students with disability across a broad range of activities.