- Finalist for the 2019 Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards

Sun 1 Dec 2019 - Finalist for the 2019 Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards is a finalist for the Inclusion in Business award at the 2019 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards! is a Canberra-based social enterprise that empowers people with mobility, hearing, vision, and other accessibility needs to experience mainstream travel and leisure activities with their family and friends. enables people with disability to get out and about by making it easy to find information about accessible infrastructure and activities (including through virtual tours of some venues). also helps the travel & leisure sector be more inclusive for people with disability by encouraging and supporting them to tap into the spending power of people who value venues that cater to their needs. In 2019, the Getaboutable team has collaborated and engaged across the travel and leisure sector (including with Tourism Australia, Visit Canberra, Events ACT, and Qantas) and won the Microsoft Australia AI for Accessibility Challenge to create a better recommendation engine and data sentiment analyser to better cater to people with disability.