Public Advocate

The Public Advocate is an independent statutory office funded by the ACT Government. The role of the Public Advocate is to protect and promote the rights and interests of anyone in the ACT who is experiencing vulnerability.

This includes advocating and supporting:

  • children, young people and adults in the ACT community whose condition or situation makes them potentially vulnerable to abuse, exploitation or neglect
  • people living in community as well as those in care arrangements such as in mental health facilities, supported accommodation, children living in out of home care, or people in custody
  • people experiencing vulnerability whose ability to pursue their own interests is diminished, either temporarily or permanently.

The role also extends to:

  • monitoring the provision of services for people experiencing vulnerability
  • providing oversight in respect of the systems that support and respond to the needs of people experiencing vulnerability
  • giving a voice to issues that affect people experiencing vulnerability
  • holding government to account on issues affecting people experiencing vulnerability.

Jodie Griffiths-Cook is the Public Advocate and Children and Young People Commissioner (PACYPC).


Further information

Public Advocate - ACT Human Rights Commission

Contact: or call (02) 6205 2222