ACT Public Service - workforce inclusion initiatives

The ACT Public Service (ACTPS) is committed to building a more inclusive workforce, and continues to support and encourage employment opportunities for people with disability through a range of different initiatives. 

The ACTPS People with Disability Employment Framework was launched in October 2017. 

The Workforce Inclusion Team provides Whole of Government inclusion employment initiatives and provide diversity employment resources to support to directorates in increasing the employment of people with disability across the workforce. 

Disability Vocational Employment Program (VEP)

Our full-time Vocational Education Program helps adult People with Disability job seekers to develop into a role over 12 months. We provide participants with certificate level and/or on-the-job training and support, and offer a permanent position upon completion of the Program.

Direct Recruitment

The ACTPS continually seeks to directly employ people with disability into positions within the ACTPS through:

  • Identified positions
  • Recruitment and employment agencies
  • Pre-employment programs
  • Employment expos (the Disability Employment Provider Expo, generally held in August) 
  • Online sources

Some positions within Graduate Programs are designated to be filled by people with disability.

The ACT Government has also participated in the Australian Network on Disability’s ‘Stepping Into’ Internship program

ACTPS Reasonable Adjustment Policy 

The ACTPS acknowledges and values workplace diversity and is committed to ensuring an accessible and inclusive workplace. The Reasonable Adjustment Policy ensures all ACTPS directorates follow the principles of Reasonable Adjustment, ensuring all individuals have equal opportunities in the workplace.

Networking, Mentoring, Career Development and Leadership Programs 

An ACTPS Staff with Disability and Allies Network was established in 2017. 

Mentoring, career development and leadership programs for staff with disability are scheduled in 2019-20.  

A Manager's Guide To Creating a Disability Inclusive Workplace (developed with the Australian Network on Disability) is available to ACTPS staff on the ACT Government intranet

Employment Targets 

The ACT Government has committed to employment targets for employees with disability that are connected to the performance of Senior Executive staff, as well as becoming a disability-confident organisation that can attract and retain People with Disability and provide genuine career opportunities for existing employees. 


Further information 

Disability Inclusion on the ACTPS Employment Portal

The annual Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards encourage and celebrate supportive, accommodating and innovative workplaces in the ACTPS and the Australian Public Service through the award for Inclusion in Public Sector Employment.

Disability Awareness e-Learning